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Prophecy Series

Prophecies of Hope is a true prophecy series that shows you step-by-step how to interpret Bible prophecy. Have you ever felt Bible prophecy is too difficult and confusing to understand? Have strange looking beasts, angels declaring messages of doom, and time prophecies left you wondering what does it all mean? This informative series will give you the keys to unlock the mysteries of Daniel and Revelation for yourself.

Understand prophecy like never before!

Please Note: These videos build upon previous videos, so it is best to do them in sequence.

1. Our Day in Bible Prophecy    

2. The Mark of the Beast Issue

3. Bible Secrets to Personal Peace

4. Prophecy's Superpowers

5. A Bold Attack on God

6. The Bible's Most Important Prophecy

7. The Longest Time Prophecy

8. God's Great Judgment

9. Satan's Secret Strategy

10. Prophecy's Day of Hope

11. The Missing Text

12. Power for Living

13. Revelation's Glorious Rapture

14. Death's Mystery Solved

15. Prophecy's 1,000 Years of Peace

16. The Truth About Hell

17. Fit for the End Time

18. Door to a New Life

19. The Abomination of Desolation

20. Mark of the Beast

21. America in Prophecy

22. Revelation's Two Women

23. Cleansed From the Inside Out

24. Modern Prophets

25. The Unpardonable Sin

26. What Will Heaven Really Be Like

Gary Gibbs is a popular speaker and trainer who began witnessing as a new convert and layman. Founder and first president of the Amazing Facts College of Evangelism, Gary’s practical training material is changing lives around the world. He was the speaker for the Prophecies of Hope television show, host of the national Bible Talk radio program, and is author of Winsome Witnessing, Winsome Studies in Prophecy, The Beast—Who Will Worship It?, The Abomination of Desolation, Coming One World Church, and Return to Sodom.